Wednesday 15 August 2018

Wild life makes a healthy garden

Dear family & Friends

Our garden is full of green plants and peppered with all sorts of colours too. It's dense with all kinds of plants and creatures. I can tell you that once you're inside the four walls of our garden, you can even feel an immediate cooler temperature than if you step out of our garden wall. All these vegetation brings about a cooling effect.

We've also noticed that by letting the garden grow as naturally as we could, there's more and more interesting creatures that comes and live within too. They're all contributing to the health of our garden. 

this big spider is a friend, by catching pest on it's web

There's also an increase of visitors - wildlife creatures that comes in our garden too. It's interesting to see how many species of birds flying in and out, making it all a very joyous place with their cheerful songs. Most recently, we even spotted a wild polecat - which my daughter refers it as 'pole kitty'.

Growing polyculture garden attracts beneficial wildlife workers into our garden. There are also ugly pest within that eats and destroy some of my plants but I welcome them along too because they are food for the beneficial creatures. With the presence of the good and bad creatures, they balance out and keep our garden healthy. 

I really encourage you on gardening - small or big way - it doesn't matter, because there's only good things out of it. Happy gardening:)



  1. I totally agree with you, Annie! Our garden brings about a cooler effect even in hot weather. Letting the garden grow naturally makes the natural helpers happy and we have better harvest. That is a pretty spider!

  2. I love gardening in the natural way, it should not be too tidy. I think I see swallows in the air. I have lots of young swallows flying in front of the verandah, catching insects, love it.


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