Friday 10 August 2018

everyday food found in our garden

Dear Family & Friends

The summer this year has been so very kind to me. We have T-storms almost every day. Rain sometimes comes with it which is very unusual as we are used to dry and very hot summers. So, this is like constant late spring time weather:) I am happy!

green seedless grapes and peach fruit snacks from our garden

The garden tomatoes and peppers are not as happy as me. They prefer it hotter. Though a bit slow to bring in their goods, yet, we're still never short of other garden produce.

courgette with herbs fritters

The courgette, pumpkins and cucumbers are just going all out madness with bearing their fruits for us. So, here I am getting to be a real pro in making courgette fritters with creative flavours - countless ways with various herbs, and we don't mind them every time!

trying out different finger food we could do with our garden produce

Of course, in time, the tomatoes just can't help themselves in catching up with late goods delivery. Slowly, they're coming on to our kitchen table too. So, fresh raw tomatoes salad every day is not a problem either. yes...we love them every single time:)

fresh tomatoes sliced with a bit of salt and olive oil makes a good snack food

There's nothing better if you could grow some food in your garden. The joy of having grown it yourself, free healthy food, and finding them not far from your kitchen, is definitely a great blessing to be proud of.

Have a beautiful day where you are too!



  1. So nice and happy to see your garden produce. I wanted to grow grapes but they will be sour in the hot lowland temperature. Struggling to grow tomatoes because of the pest problems. But it is so nice to see the harvest from your garden. A blessing!

  2. Hello Annie, you have such a productive garden... and kitchen! Your courgette fritters look so nice. What a bounty of tomatoes too. :D)


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