Friday 14 September 2018

Is Bartering still in fashion?

Dear Family & Friends

Work is a wonderful thing. Work is a mandate in life, it gives meaning to our living existence, and it sustains us overall. We might work to gain some money so we can buy things we need and want in life, but we can also work in exchange for other things or service. We call this bartering, an ancient form of practice but it is still practiced in our village:)

a box full of very large tomatoes from our next door neighbor

Our neighbour called us over to our property wall and handed us: a bag of potatoes, a bag of peaches that I was coveting from his peach tree that is just next to our boundary wall, and a box full of big red tomatoes! Everything was a big treat for us:)

a bag of potato and peach harvest from our neighbor

Although we also grow veggies, but it is not as big and abundant as theirs. In our village, there's no chance for starvation even though there's no business opportunities. You don't have to buy nor pay for food around here.

In exchange for all the good food we got today, our neighbor also passed on an old chair for us to repair for him. Since we own an electric drill machine, and with just a few bits of screw, we can hand him back a good as new usable chair that he will be so happy of too! That's how we barter things around:)

We noticed autumn air has arrived. It's another very nice season to enjoy. Time is moving on and I hope all is nice where you are too!


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  1. This is really nice, simple . Love your simple life..


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