Sunday 9 September 2018

The best pet in the world

Dear Family & Friends

Our two girls are quiet in nature and the only pet we have living in  our garden is just as quiet as the girls. For us, Tin Tin our tortoise, is the best pet there is. He's a free roaming tortoise within our enclosed walled property and we can be assured that we won't lose him. He got complete access of the entire garden. He takes care of himself as he forages and eats whatever he fancies that I grow. Sometimes I don't mind but other times I do!

Can you see tomato seeds over the tortoise back shell? He's been eating our tomatoes in the garden!

This quiet creature likes to come and meet us when he hears us in the garden, mainly in the summer, as he usually hibernates almost half of the year! When I water the garden, he normally gets soaked as he appears from the undergrowth just where I'm watering. We tend to think that tortoise move slowly, certainly not this one. He can walk faster than me!!

Our tortoise and his most favorite food - berries!

Our tortoise is a vegetarian but not every fruit or veggies takes his fancy. When we hand fed him peaches, he took just one bite out of politeness, but he will never say no to berries. Since berries in our garden are now out of season, my big girl goes out in the village to gather some wild blackberries because we just love to see how our tortoise enjoys eating them. 

Once, we noticed that after hand feeding him the blackberry, he lingered a while and then he made a few circle movements around me before walking away. I'm sure it was his language which I don't understand. I can just guess that he was saying 'thank you'.

God definitely created lots of very interesting creature to give us some joy. Enjoy your day.


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