Thursday, 8 November 2018

Autumn garden scene

Dear Family & Friends

When the presence of autumn arrived, I somehow felt a bit sad. Then slowly I realized that it's not too bad for in this season of change, it also has it's own special beauty of blessings.

In our garden...

The last of the few zinnia flowers are still attracting butterflies specially on a nice sunny day.

Zinnia flowers basking in the sunshine

The vegetable vines of cucumbers and pumpkins have all dried up but we have enjoyed all their fruits they brought us this year, and now their spent leaves will fall into the ground to nourish our soil too.

dried up cucumber plants

Not all plants are ready to go just yet. The goji berries are still busy ripening their beautiful tiny berries and we continue gathering them to enjoy it when we make nourishing warm soup in the kitchen.

ripened  goji berries needs to be collected

The grape arbour is still hanging on. Slowly, some of their leaves are dropping off but by this time we don't need the shade of it's leaves as we did during the hot summer's day.

grapevine in the arbour with very few grapes in bunches left

We enjoyed so many grapes this year. Some were left and dried up like raisins while still hanging on the vine. Yet, there still a few little bunches left for the last snack treats.

the last few grapes still clinging on vines

Our garden this year have been such a great blessing to us. It brought us food and so much enjoyment. Yet, it's not over, for every season just keeps binging it's own special blessings.

Hope you enjoy your garden too.

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  1. It has been long we are thinking of planting a grapevine.. I always love your vegetable garden..


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