Tuesday 13 November 2018

In the kitchen

Dear Family & Friends

In our kitchen, there's always some form of food going on as we constantly answer to our never ending hungry tummies' demand for home cooked food. Most days it's quick and easy meal and elegant party fanfare is far and few.

rice with sunny side up egg and green beans - as is: a well accepted meal

We eat what we grow from our garden.

batter coated fish, veggie salad and stir fried daikon radish roots and leaves with eggs: eaten with steamed rice

Everyone loves vegetable meal of all sorts, which is one big blessing.

running out of time again - a quick kielbaza sausage with sweet pepper stir fry

From time to time, my little kitchen assistant comes to the kitchen to do her experimentation meals too. We all partake and enjoy whatever she does. When it's food - we eat without complain.

my kitchen assistant is doing apple crumbles - and that will be our dinner meal!!

It's good to be grateful in life. Having food in our table is something that we should be thankful of. It might be that we always have food everyday, but somewhere I understand, there's people who don't:(

Hmmm, it's meal time again soon, I wonder what I will feed my little family this time? I bet it has to be another quick and easy meal once again.

Enjoy your day too.



  1. Your meals look very inviting as well as nutritious Annie. Home grown is always the best. You've a lovely family how everyone works in together...apple crumble...yum!😊

  2. That is so nice .. you always get the fresh veggies from your garden.. Love that


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