Tuesday 18 December 2018

Hand sewn white yo yo cushion seat cover

Dear Family & Friends

I hand sew, what's your superpower?

Well, this busy hand can't keep still and happy unless it's working. I picked up all the white old clothes that needs to be recycled instead of throwing them in the bin for a second lease of life.

I cut them into tiny squares and stitched each one to form a circle that really looks like a flower but it's known and called as  'yo-yos'. Sizes doesn't really need to be exactly uniformed since I'm stitching them all together afterwards.

My intention is to make it into a seat cushion cover. This gives the material a nice and interesting texture, simply by recycling our old white clothes. Any one can do this as long as they have the time and patience. Now, that's my superpower...what's yours?

Wishing you a good day.


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  1. So intricate! It looks splendid. you did an amazing job.


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