Sunday 23 December 2018

The bleak winter garden

Dear Family & Friends

Winter has announced it's arrival with biting cold weather and it's usual frosty mornings. The garden is looking bleak as the gardener refuses to brave the cold. The trees are slowly shedding it's leaves as they refuse to process food into their system and choose to hibernate instead, to cope with the cold.

The few potted plants that I have that can't stand the cold weather has been brought inside the house to sit by the sunniest window ledge that's available. These ones will be protected from the cold.

I wish I could take all vulnerable plants inside for the winter, but as it's not possible, I have collected small cuttings and some seeds that I could replant again once the warm weather comes back.

We all have to be patient because no matter how long the cold winter would be, spring would surely come back afterwards.

Enjoy your day and your holiday season too.


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  1. Indeed Annie, winter is a time of patience until spring carefully looks round the corner. Let's hope our plants survive.
    Wish you happy holidays.


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