Saturday 8 December 2018

My succulents went to the city for the winter

Dear Family & Friends

Winter has arrived earlier this year. It's misty and cold and so its time to bring my potted plants indoor for protection. I don't have the luxury of a greenhouse and there's not enough space in our house to keep potted plants either. So,  we've decided to let all my succulent plants in pots to stay in the city apartment for the winter season.

It feels much warmer and brighter in our city apartment building and the potted plants were looking happy being there.  It adorns the communal passage way and brings cheers to other residents too.

As for my exotic plants like the kangkong and ginger planted in pots, they had to stay in the hallway of our house so I can monitor them. I just hope they will make it through the winter, although I'm not so sure??. 

Winter has just began but I'm already looking forward to spring. I must remind myself that everything is just for a season. That way, days will go by happier. 

Hope you see happier days ahead of you better than me.


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