Monday 3 December 2018

The Buzzling Home

Dear Family & Friends

We have a very busy household. Ours is just a small home, but these days, every room in our home is taken for home schooling, daily living routines, as well as business use and respective ongoing business meetings by three family members. Our humble abode serves several purposes and it works efficiently well for us.

our home is similar to the compartmentalized home of the honeybees

I often find myself sitting in my kitchen because everyone and every place in the home is occupied and requires peace and quiet. So, besides doing my cooking in the kitchen, there's also sewing and crocheting going on there these days too.

It's getting colder as winter is now here, but a home is where we all gather together,  keeping our hearts warm as always. Hope yours is too. Enjoy your week.



  1. I always love small home. My kitchen counter serves as my craft space, painting space, wrtig emails.. pretty much everything.. :)

  2. A beautiful post. It's always lovely to read what you have to say Annie.
    We too have a small home and we feel so lucky to have it. Cheers to you and yours :D)


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