Wednesday 6 February 2019

Most loved garden friends - the bees

Dear Family & Friends

I often wonder where all my garden friends go to get the protection from a harsh and cold winter like ours. One thing I know is that our honeybees are keeping themselves in the hive we provided for them and they have enough honey to keep them fed till spring comes.

Yes, spring time  is still a long way off - at least a month from now. Nature has a way of survival, hibernation is one of them. We try to leave as much garden debris like leaves, twigs, old plants around for our garden friends to hide and make homes.

In our garden we have several bee species. Only the honeybee makes honey for us, but we still want all the other bees because they also contribute so much to our garden ecology specially the pollination process of plants.

There's bees that are very tiny, bees that makes a lot more noise than others, and bees that are so big that it can scare you when you first see it, but in reality, they are as friendly as all the other bees. 

Some of our bees are stingless but others do have stinger although it's never their intention to use it on us, unless they are greatly threatened.

Well, I do miss the joy of watching my garden friends in our garden...but it won't be long for spring time is just around the corner.

Hope the joy of the season whether it's summer, winter, spring or autumn will bring you all hope today too.


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  1. Yes Annie, for what would the entire world do without bees!
    Beautiful photos of your garden.


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