Monday 11 February 2019

One fishing day

Dear Family & Friends

One summer, a long time ago, a friend invited our family to join him on his favourite fishing activity. He also wanted us to come and ride in his very interesting vintage Russian car called Lada. It was such a great privilege because these cars are very rare now.

Precious old Russian car called 'Lada'

We've never been on fishing expedition before and it was such a special trip for us that to these days, we still cherish this wonderful memory of a lifetime.

a quiet and peaceful lake to spend the day fishing

The fishing lake was big and we didn't know it exist nor it's a place where one could actually go fishing, were it not because of this friend.

assembling all the fishing gears for the day

He brought and set up all his fishing gear and he gave us the opportunity to do fishing with his guidance.

not big fish but we got something:)

Yes, we managed to catch a few little fishes and we now have an understanding what fishing is about. It's definitely a peaceful and quiet activity.

our catch for the day

At the end of the day, he brought his catch back to his mother, whom our girls call 'baba' meaning grandma. She cooked it and we also shared and tasted grandma's cooking. 

The most special thing of all, this Bulgarian family has been our very first Bulgarian family with whom we felt safe to be with as they embraced us with their unconditional kindness in every simple way.

Happy memories in life is very precious indeed. We cherish it and we realize that there's always good things in life. Hope you have an encouraging day today too.


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  1. I've never gone to fishing, but do you know I read many funny stories based on fishing trip. And I love to read those stories. :)


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