Friday, 8 March 2019

A winter harvest makes a delicious meal

Dear Family & Friends

Despite the cold winter season, there were still a few garden food harvest for the kitchen. One of them , the Jerusalem artichoke. It stays buried underground and won't get affected with the severe cold season. We dug them up only when we need to cook them and they remain so crispy and delicious.

my cleaned winter root veggie - the Jerusalem Artichoke

Another no frill, no fuss  veggie during the cold season are the collections of  brassica plants like the kale, collard greens and brussel sprouts etc... These plants don't mind the bitter cold, in fact they produce a more sweet green leaves during cold season.

my girl collected an assortment of leafy greens and herbs to incorporate in our rice dish

With the above winter harvest of chopped Jerusalem artichoke and brassica leaves, plus a few fresh herbs of sage and rosemary, I'm cooking a rice rissoto/paella-like dish. I just sauteed everything with rice and added some sausages till slightly cooked. Then, I added some water and seasoning to further cook it till all liquid gets absorbed. This makes one complete balance meal for us.

With our family, a warm homecooked meal is a great comfort and it makes everybody smile with appreciation. That's one meal done during this week, tomorrow I'll think of another one for everyone. Hope you have a nice day too:)



  1. Its the thinking of a meal that I ahte the most. I love cooking it once I've decided what we're having and sometimes having a garden really helps you decide. Yours sounds a lovely filling meal with plenty of goodness. Love leafy greens.

  2. Hello Annie, that's a really nice and simple meal you've made. I love that kind, without lots of preparation but nourishing. It would be nice to the eye too with those ingredients. Cheers :D) xx

  3. It is so nice that you get all the veggies from your garden.


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