Sunday 3 March 2019

Steamed hot buns for lunch

Dear Family & Friends

Our dear neighbour, Boris, had his enormous 150 kilos piggy processed sometime in one cold January day. It's their yearly local tradition that they do. I don't have the stamina for this but it is part of life for many. Most of our village neighbors never shop in city supermarket for their food as they are more or less self sufficient in their ways. 

freshly steamed hot buns with pull pork fillings

That day, they passed on to us a piece of the meat and I've slow cooked it till it's so soft, then decided to freeze it afterwards as I have already planned my menu for that week. So, this week I decided to incorporate and make use of my pre-cooked ingredients from the freezer for our meal.

My girls are sometimes picky when it comes to meat dishes. But using up meat in small portion, specially wrapped beautifully inside a steaming hot bun, you would think they were born carnivorous! They simply love buns, but it's not what I often choose to do - due to my lazy streak when it comes to preparing meals:(

We're all having a busy working week. It's one of those days when we all appreciate quick hand held meals as we all rush back to our waiting responsibilities for the day immediately afterwards.

I hope you are having a blessed week too.



  1. The buns look so light and fluffy - the fillings would be very welcome after all your familys' hard work. Cheers to you Annie :D)

  2. Those steamed hot buns look delicious!


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