Thursday 28 March 2019

Mini tomato snack assortment

Dear Family & Friends

I saw this product sold in the supermarket last year. It's nothing special except that they package it nicely as assortment of mini tomatoes handy for snacking. I'm all for healthy snack, but it was a bit pricey for a handful of mini tomatoes. I could never make myself pay for that...but perhaps it's the novelty idea.

very expensive mini tomato snack assortment sold in supermarket

This year, I'm reminded about it and so I'm growing a lot of mini tomato variety in my garden. I have been growing a few variety of tomatoes for years and we have a particular very sweet one which we like a lot as it taste more like grapes than a tomato. Various colors of mini tomatoes is also very attractive.

I'm challenging myself to come up with better assortment of snack tomato like ones sold in supermarket. Perhaps I can sell them for people to enjoy without paying such high price. Let's see what I could do with my challenge this year.

By this time, I've already sown seeds and planned for my spring garden. It's an exciting season to look forward to and I hope you are also excited with what's ahead too:)


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  1. You can't beat home grown tomatoes … but I do sometimes buy the different coloured ones in the supermarket.

    All the best Jan


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