Tuesday 2 April 2019

The burger weekend

Dear Family & Friends

In our home, everyone is engrossed with their individual work, joyfully doing what they do:)  We all have dreams, though not all of them are achieved yet, but we keep making plans and moving forward to reach the goal.

Success isn't always measured in whether or not you have met all your life goals, sometimes, it just means having them in the first place, and refusing to give up. As long as you are always having a hope, always moving forward and taking chances, and steps to achieve it..

this homemade burger filled me up to the bream!

Thus, last weekend I made it a burger weekend just to spice our simple life. It's nothing special, but it's something that we don't often do in our home...(in terms of eating burger, that is. LOL)...yet it brought in smiles.

some of us can manage two burgers...

My week was filled with grateful thoughts. I give God the constant glory for keeping and guiding my little family. Training our girls is paying off but I don't rest in the laurel, after all it is a  parents' mandate. Let's live for what today has in store and always look forward to tomorrow. 

Hope you enjoy your day and the morrow too:)


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