Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Untidy garden is a must

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In our home, I like to recycle as much as possible. It concerns me when I think how much we fill our bins with our everyday waste. So, I gather all paper packaging like egg cartons and shred it to reuse as mulch for my garden. This enriches my soil, at the same time, it also saves water moisture content for a healthy garden.

I shred and recycle paper, cardboards to use as mulch for my garden

The last thing I want is a bare, clean, tidy garden. What we humans perceive as tidy, organized and orderly,  is to nature and natural beings: barren, bleak and inhospitable place.

It's not easy to see but there's goji berry plant propagated and growing where I placed mulch

What I understand my garden environment needs is a lumpy texture with lots of niches and habitat for all sots of creatures to live in or to eat from, and with building materials for their nesting homes including our soil which is made up of live microbes that sustains our plants - including our food sources too.

this long row consist of about a dozen of young goji berry - I need to keep them moist at this time and mulching helps.

As our growing season is here, I'm very busy mulching our garden with recycled materials which eventually is enriching my soil for free. It looks unsightly at first, but eventually the plants grows to cover the mulch that's surrounds their roots and in a few weeks the mulch will decompose and enriches the soil too. 

How's your gardening? Hope you are enjoying a garden too:)


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