Sunday 7 April 2019

We can just pick food for free

Dear family & Friends

We have no excuse why we can't address our need for food. We have no excuse in saying that vegetable these days are getting expensive so we sacrifice and budget on those things. For it is possible to enjoy vegetables without the need to buy. We can pick food for free.

flowers, veggies and herbs all packly grown in this garden area
Vegetables can be grown in containers, including recycled containers, even when you got no garden. We can afford to eat vegetables that will improve our health and save us medical bills. Perhaps we can only manage to grow little with our given space, but being able to grow our own organic food is better than none. The benefit is great and we must start and try at some point. Who knows what opportunity will open up afterwards:)

Our spring growing season is now here. Busy as it could be, there's nothing better than to grow and fill every nooks and crannies with all sorts of plants in the garden. It gets better each year too. Hope you are enjoying your garden too.


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