Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Another gardening year

Dear Family & Friends

Our spring this year seems to drag on longer with it's cool spell. So that so, my seedlings in pots are taking it's time with it's growth and I'm getting impatient as I want them to be transplanted sooner than later onto my veggie garden.

the gardener's hat on pole while the gardener is taking a short break

The sun shines and is warm during the day, but at night it can still be a bit cool. While many of the plants seems to be on steroid with their growth, other more heat loving ones just refuse to speed up.

the sun shines on

As this impatient gardener doesn't like to waste time, I've decided to subdivide my globe artichoke for the purpose of multiplying it. So this day I went with my division and multiplication system.

4 years ago, I started with 6 seeds to grow my first globe artichoke. From then on, I kept propagating it as it's a nice and elegant perennial plant that can withstand our winter and produces edible beautiful flowers too. This year, I finally got 30 plants in total. It should be enough from now on.

newly propagated globe artichoke - they will settle on soon:)

There so much to do in the garden at the moment, but each year I cover each space and gradually I am getting there. I feel I am achieving and I'm happy with all the work there is.

Hope you are having a happy day too.


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