Friday, 17 May 2019

Creative fun food this week

Dear Family & Friends

Here are some of the creative and fun food that came out of our home kitchen the past weeks. Some done by my assistant two chefs, my ever reliable girls, who loves creative cooking and eating... oh...they just enjoying everything that they do...including work - without any complain ever:)

I really can't remember what this above serving was made of...all I know it was delicious and done specially for me by my little girl:)

This bowl of rice brought great joy to my big girl's day. As you can see, it was nothing special, just some steamed rice, with sunny side up eggs and a vegetarian terriyaki side dish in it.

We called this a mini pan fried salami pizza - it was cooked very quickly...quicker than any pizza in town:)

Everything is done so simply in our little home. The best thing is that in whatever little and insignificant way, we all see the great joy out of it.

Life is about enjoying every little thing, including the routine of eating meals every day. We're grateful there's always food to nourish us, no matter how simple it is. Enjoy each of your day too:)


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