Sunday 12 May 2019

Starting my tiny balcony garden

Dear Family & Friends

In our village home, my garden is sometimes too big for little me...but in our city apartment we only have a very tiny balcony gardening space. Making me think I am BIG :P.  The balcony garden is nice and sunny yet there's nothing much that I could think of growing that would not demand much responsibility as I don't go there often enough.

our tiny balcony garden in our apartment

The balcony area is open yet under cover. If I want to call it a balcony garden I must at least grow some greenery to soothe the eye. I've decided for now that I will grow succulents as they don't require much watering and care. At the far end of the balcony, I'm trying my best to grow a quick climbing perennial plant to give a bit of pivacy to our little space.

tiny but a perfectly nice sunny spot and under cover too:)

So that's our apartment tiny garden to start with for now:) It's a no work garden but you know my village garden is a never ending pottering area in comparison. Gardening gets us going - it's a happy therapy in life:) we must have a garden of some sort as much as possible:)

Enjoy your day too.


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