Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Quiet summer's season in our village

Dear Family & Friends

We drove by a small village and saw this painted wall mural. It looks just like how I feel when summer is here. Although it's not the hottest summer we had but summer heat is definitely on.

As summer goes on, the garden is so full with every plant all glamoring for a space to show off. I sit outside looking at all things growing and I feel cool because I think every leaves are contributing to the micro-climate and cleaning up the air within our garden.

Not far away from our house, there's a stork nest. These birds never fail to bring a majestic awe when you see them flying by or when they come up so close like this one day when it decided to perch on the electric post that's just next to our wall.

There's a few birds that comes around our garden. Some pick insects to eat and the bigger ones are more carnivorous and would pick frogs or rats/mice to eat. So you see, with the presence of these  various wild species, our ecological environment stays checked and balance.

Living in a village gives us a chance to be more observant of our nature environment. There's definitely a lot of work to do around even on a quiet village but our busyness seems to be more syncronized with peace and quiet as we get about our life. Thus, grandpas and grandmas of the village doesn't seem to have the concept of retiring just to sit in front of the television for the rest of their lives... and it all makes sense to me:)

Keep enjoying your day with happy thoughts.


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  1. Lovely to see the village mural Annie.
    To have storks make their nest so close is very special.
    Such cute little crochet creatures too!


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