Monday, 1 July 2019

Oh...lunch time again

Dear Family & Friends

One early morning, I decided it's about time to face the weeds in my vegetable garden. I wasn't wrong at all - in fact it's HIGH time that I must get on with the pending task. There's lots of healthy looking self seeded lawn grass and vine weeds in my patch. I pulled and drop them in a pile to dry up, as I go around the garden looking for more. Unwanted weeds makes good garden mulch:)

morning gardening time - so many plants growing everywhere 

I carried on weeding, but this time I just cut and collect the long stems of a plant without pulling up the roots for they are edible weeds which we love - yes, it's the season of the self seeded Purslane too, and they just grows about everywhere in our garden. These weeds are highly nutricious:)

purslane, courgette, beans - a bit of everything for this morning's harvest

As I weed, I collect some food to go into my bucket at the same time. Soon my kitchen bucket was full of a variety of veggies: onions, courgette, beans, purslane, daylily flower buds, rosemary sprigs and lemon balm. I could go on and on collecting ingredients but it was more than enough for our lunch. I'll gather some more harvest once again - tomorrow,  as I prefer our veggie very fresh straight from the garden for our day's meal.

green food - edible weeds can be delicious too

Upon reaching the kitchen, I met one of the girls and I announced to her that she could expect a pasta meal with weeds for lunch. Oh, she gave me a very big smile of delight. Pasta and weeds? - just our favorite:)

Make the most out of the things that we sometimes think is a nuisance - like edible weeds. There's so much to enjoy in life, sometimes it's just how you perceive them to be.

Enjoy your day.



  1. Love the fresh food. Today I harvested some chard from backyard. Tomorrow I'm going to cook.

    1. Yay Krishna:) Happy for you:) I couldn't get my chard going this year. They all bolted quickly.


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