Wednesday 31 July 2019

Lavender Blues

Dear Family & Friends

It wasn't long ago when my garden was extremely busy with various bees and butterflies because my lavender bushes were in full bloom. I've planted around 40+ lavender bushes within our garden and this created a dominating lavender blue color when in full bloom.

my long lavender row pathway
During the period when the lavender was at it's peak, the noise of the buzzing bees were intense. The fragrance in the garden is overpowering too:) I had to be careful when watering my garden because the bees were everywhere and I don't really want to blast them off with my watering.

Notice the most enormous visitor on the bloom? It's as big as my thumb - a new bee specie??

Once the lavender blooms faded, the bees and butterflies all left as the job is done. At this point, we cut all the grey looking lavender blooms with it's fragrance still so strong. Many of our neighbors shared the dried lavender cuttings to put in their homes to deter mosquitoes and moth from the wardrobe. It was a great joy to share them as we have so much! I still ended with lots of them laid in my garden patch as mulch and to deter mossy when I'm in the garden too:)

There will be a tiny portion of re-blooms to come later, after that, the lavender season will be over till next year again. Then by autumn, we will do a drastic pruning to get a robust bush to develop for next year. Oh, the joy of lavender in our garden: Hope you are having a great day too!


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  1. beautiful lavender and, yes, always lovely to share the excess... everyone's happy. Beaut photos


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