Monday 5 August 2019

How will I start with Petko's home and garden?

Dear Family & Friends

We feel so blessed to be given an opportunity to extend our property. It is a great blessing from Above:) God is good to us. The price was quoted:) and we shook hands on the very first meeting. I have photos from mobile phone but I don't know how to download it that way. So, no photos of it  for now. Sometimes new technical things just throws me out due to Old Age Dilemma!!

one day at a time

For now, I'm mentally preparing myself with lots of ideas and inspiration to put it into good use. It will be another project to look forward to without pressure and stress. I'm keeping my excitement because I don't really know how and where I should start. What I know is that there's always a beginning and from there we carry on one day at a time.

another exciting journey - let's go:)

I will try to journal this new journey and we'll see how things will unfold. Are you coming along with us on this journey? Let's go!


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