Friday, 5 July 2019

Our own greengrocer - a real money saver

Dear Family & Friends

Growing food is fun but it definitely involves work, sometimes very challenging. but what work is not hard? Once the challenge is taken, victory follows afterwards. In our house, we say: if you don't work, you don't eat. Thus we all like working, because we all enjoy eating:)

a cucumber plant has started it's production:)

These days we just keep on eating very fresh and delicious goods from our own garden for free. It's an investment that was worked for and now is being earned. There's always a good return, when you worked for it - along with it brings a great satisfaction and a more meaningful life too:)

The harvest I got for today

By growing food in our garden, we can't produce every variety that a supermarket comes up with, but what we have is unequal freshness and certainly guaranteed free from harmful chemical food.

The first couple of figs from our tree - more are coming and we wait patiently:)

By growing food in the garden, it has also taught us to be patient, as we wait for the harvest to ripen. At the start of the season, there's not much to harvest, but soon, the harvest comes in torrent. With the abundance, it also taught me to be appreciative and not to be wasteful. We either preserve the surplus or be generous and share the abundance with others.

It's fun to be your own greengrocer. Hope you have a nice day too.



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