Sunday, 25 August 2019

Summer is whizzing by

Dear Family & Friends

Summer days are going by so quickly, specially for us with many endless matters going on around us for which I believe will all work  'for good'.

Days goes by faster when you are having fun they say...that I missed a lot of my gooseberry harvest - they ripened far too fast before I managed to gather them all! and so with the red plums!!

one tub of gooseberries were harvested for today

We're also working on so many other project simultaneously as part of our daily life living responsibility as a family unit. Grateful for these two daughters who are very much a part of everything we do, with the same views as we go forward in life. Unity in a family is utmost important, and that's where we get our strength, joy and success:)

My pomagranate tree looks happy:)
I've learned to keep an eye with my more delicate fruit trees this year, specially those young ones, after losing a peach and almond nut tree that became unhappy for some reason:( So, I'm guarding my pomagranate trees steadfastly this time.

I always wish I'm more organized and prepared for everything, but sometimes I don't always win in the game set before me! Tomorrow will be better. Wishing you a great day.


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