Tuesday, 20 August 2019

The old outdoor kitchen

Dear Family & Friends

Let me show you some of the very old features of the House of Petko before things get changed. At this point, we still haven't completely made up our mind how we will make use of this place. 

At the far end of the property next to the little house is an old outdoor kitchen. I was told that years ago, the whole community in the village shared this place to bake their bread and even roast in a whole lamb. 

the outdoor room with an old outdoor kitchen and a door that leads to a cool storage room

This is exactly the sight of it when we got the place. There's a lot of clearing, cleaning and plans to do on how we will proceed with it. It could easily be turned into a nice house feature:)

the old out door kitchen area

It's an old wood fire oven. I'm not sure I would know how to use it. It's a remnant of how olden days living was like, wherein the community bake their bread together in this oven on certain day and every family would have freshly baked bread for that day:)

the stone wood fire oven with it's removable wooden lid cover/door

I understand that a log fire is burned inside this oven to heat it up and then the ashes is cleared afterwards to put their goods to bake with the stored heat. We have seen some specialized pizza restaurant who cooks their goods this way as they say it's an authentic way of a true pizza taste. 

this is the entrance of the stone oven where wood fire is lit and later bread and food is baked

Next to this big stone oven...there's a small door that leads to an underground room. We'll take a look at that next time. I guess it's a storage system - sort of refrigeration area to keep their food.

For now, I'll have to discover some more interesting things and try to enjoy most of the day. Hope you enjoy your day too:)


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  1. What a treasure it is. That oven would have produced many a feast indeed!


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