Wednesday, 9 October 2019

There's always onions in the garden

Dear Family & Friends

I'm not going to ran out of onion ever again. Nor would have the need to buy onion bulb to plant in for many years to come. When I planted my first 10 teeny weeny walking onion bulbs five years ago, I was so tense and anxious to be successful with it. Little did I know that it is the most easiest bulb plant to grow. It produces the spring onion greens and tiny onion bulbs too:) The onion bulbs grows only to a marble size, but you can turn it into pickled whole onions:)

onion bulbs are popping out from the top

The bulb onions are also used to produce more plants. In my garden, there's spring onion popping up everywhere as I have the habit of a squirrel who hides all those little onions into any vacant soil that I can push and bury it in.

In our kitchen, we use a lot of chopped up spring onion - both the green leaves and the stem: for stew cooking, mix for egg omelet, or fresh mix with salads! Everyday, I go about pulling at least two onion plants to bring to our kitchen. We eat onion daily!

autumn clearing up of old plants and re-planting some new ones once again 

Another plus with this plant is that comes winter, when there's so limited veggies growing, onions can stand bravely despite the cold season - making it an all year food for us:)

We're now enjoying cooler weather - a perfect autumn season, full of sunshine yet not hot:) I hope you are having the same enjoyable and blessed week ahead too!


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