Monday 14 October 2019

I try to win

Dear Family  & Friends

I try everything I could think that would probably work when it comes to growing my garden. With little strength and a small battery capacity to draw my energy from, I have to find ways to work efficiently specially as we have big garden to manage.

recycled pots as barrier of direct sown seedlings in the garden

My garden is never sprayed for any pest. I let them all be because nature's ecology just balance everything out and that's how it should be. So, slugs and snails are common pest and they like eating some of my young seedlings. The need to pre-sow seeds into little pots before transplanting them into my vegetable garden helps the survival chances of the seedlings, but it's a lot of work for me!

sprouted seeds got a bit of protection from being eaten by slugs and snails

Lately, I came with thoughts of insisting direct seed sowing in my veggie patch and use the little pots to act as barrier instead. I went about cutting out the bottoms of the recycled little pots and lined them up firmly into the ground, and within I sow the seeds. Once the seeds sprout and are big enough, I'll just lift up the pot barrier and every plant would be in their respective places too.

my new method of protecting my direct seed sowing of veggies - with buried bottomless pots

Well, that's the idea. I will have to see how well this will work for me. It's sometimes a fun & game situation with my gardening chore...and I always try to win the game:) As this week promises to be cool and very sunny, I'm already winning just being out in the garden:)

Hope you have a lovely week too:)


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