Saturday 19 October 2019

Trying out bonsai hobby

Dear Family & Friends

Years ago, I received a store bought jade tree bonsai, yet, after several years it died on me. I tried my best to keep it alive but it was not good enough:(

starting my rosemary bonsai collection in pots

This time, I'm going to get some courage to start my own bonsai growing. After watching a you tube video on rosemary bonsai collection, I gained some inspiration. The fact that rosemary grows so well in my garden and I have an abundance of successfully propagated plants, I shouldn't fear failure.

hopefully in a couple of years these will all start looking like authentic bonsai

It will take a few years to make my rosemary bonsai look authentic, but that's not important. What counts more is taking a challenge to start a new venture and grow in knowledge.

It's such a beautiful day today that there's no better place to go to than out in the garden. I hope that you are having a lovely day too:)



  1. You're so right, making the start is the important thing - especially with bonsai. Your plants are looking healthy and settled.

    My hubby is experimenting with Australian natives as a bonsai. Its a great hobby.
    Cheers :D)

  2. I like bonsai but I do not have the patience.


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