Friday 22 November 2019

Pumpkin this year

Dear family & Friends

Early in the year, I planted a few of my saved butternut pumpkin seeds from previous year's harvest...but since I also throw and compost old spent fruits, it's expected that a few seeds will volunteer to grow wherever they land in. Knowing me, I seldom pull out volunteer plants, I think it's their right to grow where nature gets them established, so who am I to pull it out?

some of the pumpkins I harvested this morning

For several months since spring time, pumpkin plants rambles and ran along my garden. I have been very patient with them, for some of them just want to ran in my pathway and climb wherever their tendrils manages a grip! 

some butternut pumpkin grew that long:)

Soon after, the pumpkin flowers developed and the bees pollinates and visit every bloom. Some of them start ballooning into various fruit shapes and sizes.

it comes in all shapes and sizes

So far, I've harvested a few and already made it as part of our weekly meal menu. There's still more harvest to come and the abundance is great! Generally, pumpkin can be stored for months in the corner of a cool room. It's also one fruit that can be turned into savory and sweet dishes, besides being nutricious and beneficially healthy for us.

pumpkin is very versatile when it comes to cooking it up too:)

The pumpkin plants by now have slowed down in their growth but a few blooms seem to insist on coming up. These will not come into fruits anymore as cold season has now arrived, but I let them carry on because the bees are still making it as a few of their year end food foraging resource.

Hope you are enjoying the abundance of a beautiful day where you are too:)


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