Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Time to plant more strawberry

Dear Family & friends,

With a beautiful weather forecast, my mind start planning all that last minute garden chores that I could still pack in. Every member in our little family are all very busy, each with own individual responsibilities. Despite inundated with lots of work, everyone is tackling each task one by one, calmly and without complain - except me! I seem to always complain that I'm so tired as I go about the day, to which they all got used to by now and simply ignores my whining:(

A box full of strawberry plants to plant in my garden

I thought for today, I will carry on with my potato harvest washing and processing them to eat some and freeze some, make some more sauerkraut before cabbages rots, and crack another bucket of walnuts harvest to top up our snack supply etc... but while I was cooking our lunch meal, our next door neighbor came bearing a box full of strawberry plants for me to plant out as I've requested for some yesterday:) We have rich and very generous village folks around us. We are so blessed indeed:)

Time to plant them up in our garden, soon there will be strawberries to eat:)

At the end of the day, I didn't manage to make the sauerkraut, yet I finished the unexpected task of planting lots of strawberry plants, weeded and watered the strawberry bed area - the dream of harvesting and eating lots of strawberry next year was enough to compensate me and I told myself not to complain of being tired but just look forward to an early bedtime.

That's all in a day's work for me, I hope yours is a lot better than mine:)


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