Thursday 12 December 2019

Healthy raw food gathered for today

Dear Family & Friends

In some parts of the world, we hear so much of climate change, unpredictable and sometimes very harsh. It's alarming to one who is very sensitive like me. Thus, I try my best to be sustainable as best as I could, even though we're don't really feel so much of it's effect over here.

the vibrant colour of our freshly picked goji berries

Our cool autumn season had given us so much fresh leafy greens and lots of new healthy choices of food to gather from the garden. The goji berries seems to be more sweeter, and so I was out there taking stock. It's best eaten fresh, so I incorporate it with salad and even as sprinkles to add bright red color and interest to a meal.

another freshly picked bunch of argula leaves - crunchy and rich spicy taste.

Having as much raw food from our garden is much preferred for it's optimal health benefit for us. I pick them just before we are to consume them. This way, the crunch and the juice of the veggies are so intense in its best flavour:) In our home, we don't have problem eating just veggies from time to time. In fact we don't really eat much meat, which is good for our health and for the sustainability of our environment too.

my simple lunch - all quickly fixed, and eaten:)

The less I cook, the better the food is. There's nothing better than a meal that is simple and quick to prepare:) The garden is not as inviting now that the 'cool to cold' weather is here, but I still have to go and pick our food each day...yes, there's always something to gather:) 

Hope you are staying happy with a nice day to enjoy too:)


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  1. Beautiful red goji berries. At first glance, I thought they were cherry tomatoes. I tried to grow goji berries from seeds but so far not successful. I actually prefer more vegetables but the man of the house wants at least a meat dish.


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