Saturday, 7 December 2019

It's raining walnuts

Dear Family & Friends

Walnuts are great healthy snack for snack loving family. Since we acquired a new garden with a matured walnut tree in comes as a real blessing:) Nothing is simplier than to go out there and collect walnuts on the ground that has fallen off the tall tree, all peeled cleanly of it's first layer of outer green husk, done by nature!

ready to eat raw walnuts

Since nothing grows under the enormous walnut tree, it's so easy to find the fallen walnuts on the ground. At this time, we collect half a bucket of walnuts every other day:)

The enormous walnut tree in the corner of the garden

Once I receive the buckets of walnut, I simply wipe the nut shell with cloth to get rid of dust, then I crack them open with my trusty little smooth stone that my little girl picked up from a riverbank for me some years ago:)

today's walnut that was picked off the ground - just dry wipe it and it's ready to be cracked open

My little family are spoiled having me keeping them well supplied of walnut snacks, although it's them who goes and get the harvest for me to work on! We are a happy team indeed:)

all the walnut shells collected to be used as log fire lighter for this winter

As for the nut shells, it's all collected and I think we can make use of it as a fire lighter for the log burner to keep us warm and toasty this winter season:)

It's getting cold these days as we enter our winter season. Hope you have a nice day too.



  1. How wonderful, walnuts are so expensive in the shops. Thought I would make a walnut cake for my daughter's colleague, who needs cheering up. Hope the next nice think I do is cheaper!

    1. Same here Diane...nuts are expensive and we always restrain ourselves when we see them in supermarket shelves:( In the country where we live, there are country roads lined with walnut trees and I sometimes see people collecting the fallen nuts at this season, and I feel happy for them:) I've never made a walnut cake, you must be clever to do that and very kind to think of ways to cheer others too. Blessings to you.

  2. I love reading your article! Indeed, walnut is such an expensive fruit! It’s great that you could plant it at backyard. Did you know?? Walnut contains many health benefits! I do found a great application on google play sorting all kind of plants with their benefits it's called Herbs Encyclopedia.
    You can read about walnut here

    1. We are grateful that we have nuts trees in the garden and no squirrels to share it with too:) There are other nuts like peanuts that can be grown in a smaller space, I tried but we don't have the climate for it to thrive:( Thanks for the link, I'll read on those too. My daughter said that walnut resembles the shape of brain, so it must be a brain food...but there's other food alternative around too to consider:) Enjoy your day today, hope it's a good one:)

  3. Walnuts not cheap here. Nowadays, to avoid unhealthy snacks, I munch on raw walnuts. You are indeed blessed with bucketful of walnuts everyday! I like how you recycle the walnut shell to use as fire lighter. Everything has its usefulness.


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