Wednesday 1 January 2020

Not belonging got it's freedom - Let's start another great new year 2020

Dear Family & Friends

To talk like they do, think like they do, dress like they do..There's a certain security when you belong to a group, but to be an independent thinker that is not encumbered with the narrative or dictation of a group is what I call freedom.

I think it is very important that we don't put ourselves inside a box so we can decide what's best for us.

My two girls didn't have the situation of having to conform with everyone in their early growing years and we noticed that they have grown into young adults that are not easily dictated by fashion, trend, materialism.  Instead, they are very creative and has become very entreprenuerial in their ways. They have less fear or none at all, to be different. You can physically see their great joy of freedom everyday reflected in their happy disposition.

We need each other to some extend but we must also have the great freedom of how we arrange our lives. After all, we all have different inbuilt character and no two people are completely alike.

These are my deep thoughts today and I hope that this new year 2020 will be a good one for you and that you will be bold and full of courage to conquer everything ahead of you with great success:)

At this time, we're building up our excitement for a great family adventure ahead of us. Wishing you all a good day too:)


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  1. Well said and I applaud your girls for their individuality.
    May 2020 be a great year for all of you Annie.
    Love all your photos too xx


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