Monday 6 January 2020

Planning a garden design for the new garden

Dear Family & Friends

It's cold out there, so it's the best time to put some of my concept onto a piece of paper to help me out with a garden design for the adjacent property. Perhaps not all of my design concept will be able to be executed immediately, but having a written guideline will help me stick to the design concept in a more realistic way.

The home and garden sketch map

In reality, there is a lot of work waiting for this new garden - too big for little me. Yet, I must remind myself all the time that I will just do what I can, to the best of my ability and strength - a little at a time. That way, the chore will be more enjoyable. Never mind what people think but it's wise not to get carried with pressure and stress.

here's how I plan for this new garden

So far, I am already enjoying this time as I dream of how I want it to look like, gathering plants and propagating them to plant out, and sourcing other materials that I need to create the garden beds border and pathways. 

notes and more notes to keep my plan intact

At this point, I've done a few plant propagation and hopefully by spring time they will mostly be ready for me to plant out. Recently, we were also able to arrange with our next door neighbor to give us their unwanted roof tiles as they are taking down their barn - these will be materials for me to create edgings for my garden beds and pathways too. I have no budget for this project, so being creative and resourceful adds even more fun challenges for me:)

I can't wait to start this project by spring time, but for now I have to exercise the virtue of being patient as I wait for the winter season to do it's task. Wishing you a good day.


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