Saturday 11 January 2020

Prawn curry to warm our tummies

Dear Family & Friends

Everyone seems to have big appetite during cold winter I treated them to a rare treat of prawn curry in coconut milk to go with the turmeric rice. This will warm up hungry tummies with joy. It's cold even in our kitchen these days as we're into our mid winter season now. So this explains why my photo is misty, while I was cooking!

steaming up my kitchen as I prepare our lunch for the day

If you have noticed, I also mixed in some pumpkin with this curry meal. There's still lots of pumpkins to be consumed and I'm hoping that I can use them all in time. Adding pumpkin to this curry dish makes it nice and we all ate till we were very full:)

homecooked prawn & pumpkin in coconut milk curry

Now it's time to get back to my log burner, to maintain our heating system and keep everyone from freezing. January is the height of our winter here, not the ideal time to have one's birthday in my opinion, but I did and had a very happy one too:) 

In just a few more days, our little crew are going to have a big adventure, I'll keep you posted. For now, hope you are staying comfy where you are too.


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