Wednesday 20 May 2020

Garden glows to bring us delight

Dear Family & Friends

We are trained to think and act in certain ways that no longer makes sense in the modern economy. The old world thinking says: we have to conform and be like everyone else so we can make it and fit in. We lost our identity and uniqueness - as our thinking is now based on what others think. To me this is a perfect recipe of keeping one with poor and crippled mentality. Living in a rural community, I sit in our garden pondering on this thought.

A section of our old garden facing the little barn

In my garden is a perfect place to know who I am. It's a peaceful place but not so quiet nor the same as everyone's garden. It got a mind of it's own and has it's own character. I plan and I plant but most of the time, the garden develops every season it shows it's own uniqueness - higgledy piggledy-  but we all enjoy it no less.

The same garden photo taken on another season in the year

The above two photos of the same garden place was taken in different season but it shows us that no one season looks the same. It always works itself out to give us beautiful pleasure. As a garden keeper, I simply enjoy how it wants to be for the certain time.

The joy of gardening is certainly a great gift for mankind. Hope you are enjoying yours and if not yet, I encourage you to start one even with just one little pot to start with. Have a lovely day today too:)


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