Monday 25 May 2020

Garden on steroid

Dear Family & Friends

I have one big bucket where I soak comfrey plant leaves to rot. It develops a very offensive odour but it is a super organic fertilizer that we can use for a very productive and fruitful garden. The use is 1:10 ratio of comfrey liquid to water.

a big pot of ultra smelly homemade comfrey liquid fertilizer

If you feed your plants with additional comfrey liquid fertilizer like we do, plants gets healthier and happier. It's evident with the blooms and fruits they will produce for you.

Self seeded Nigella plants along with the vinca hugging the garden space
As of the moment, the growth in our garden seems to be so frantic. Every plants seems to be on steroid, the way they behave - they seem to spring up by the minute! I have to start chopping back, subdivide them and replant for more space to keep going. The more the merrier and all for free:)

lucious looking all bunched up succulents

I have one fig tree that volunteered itself to grow and early this year we moved it to a better location, much to our surprise - it's already sprouting out so many fruits! 

Can you see all the figs fruiting on this young tree?

Thus is the joy of gardening...whatever work you put in, you are sure to reap the reward. Same principle applies to bringing up your children. We are so so blessed with our two young beautiful ladies too.

Happy gardening and a happy day to you too.


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