Saturday, 30 May 2020

Time for berries once again

Dear Family & Friends

It's such a beautiful time of the year. I went out in the garden and noted that soon we will be enjoying the berries that I've planted. Besides our free roaming garden tortoise, I know of one particular pretty girl in our home that gets very excited over berries too!

new shoots of raspberry plants growing happily

This year I learned more about the importance of pruning raspberries in autumn. I have this idea that cutting it back will make me loose my plants... I was wrong but I learn as I go. I think I will have better and more raspberry plants now that I understand the logic of it's growing ways:)

Can you see the emergence of fruit from our first mulberry tree?

Just last year, we moved a self-planted mulberry tree to my mini orchard area and I noticed that it's starting to bear lots of tiny fruits. It's our first very own mulberry tree, although I'm not sure if it's a white or black fruit variety. Whatever it will be is OK, at least this time we won't need to go out in the forest to gather mulberries anymore:)

flowering strawberry plant along with green fruit developing

Although we love sharing our berries to our tortoise, I decided to secured this one strawberry bed where the fruits will be protected to ripen to it's full stage and for us people to enjoy some too:) We're not accepting half eaten strawberry deal from our tortoise this year:)

this one got lots more fruits - yet to ripen:)

If ever, this will be our good strawberry harvest as I noticed a lot of fruits already developing and more flowers are still coming on:) We'll have plenty to pick and share it to our tortoise too:)

also a berry plant - gojiberry - will fruit later in late summer

We have other berry plants to look forward to. Just look at this particular goji's gone wild . I need to give it a nice trimming before it starts setting it's fruit flowers. I've just got to keep working so we can enjoy eating lots of different berries!

Enjoy your day and stay happy.


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