Monday 29 June 2020

Our lavender pathway - then and now

Dear Family & Friends

When you grow a plant local to your area, no much skill or effort is required. Lavender is one plant that suit our climate, so we take advantage in growing them. It doesn't require rich soil nor much water or care, yet it performs so well year after year.

Lavender never fails to perform every year:)

So I propagated this plant and made a lined lavender pathway. We enjoy walking thru the pathway specially when it's in full bloom and filled with happy buzzing bees.

Before photo of the pathway - taken last year

I took a photo of the lavender pathway last year...but recently we placed mobile garden slab tiles over the grass walkway area...and it worked wonder for us. Yay! Finally I can eliminate grassy areas:)

After photo of the lavender pathway - taken this year (yesterday)

We're no garden experts but it does give us joy in our trial and error working ways. Each year it just gets better and better. There's really no fear to fear about doing the wrong thing when it comes to gardening.

Have a wonderful day today.


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