Wednesday 24 June 2020

The May/June Gardening

Dear Family & Friends

This year seems to be the most pleasant year to garden for we are so blessed with a long spring time ideal for a gardener like me who wants a perfect and comfortable working temperature. As you can see, we managed to transformed a wild big garden space into place in no time.

everyday the growth within this area is simply incredible - the joy of gardening

Every thing looks so good. We start harvesting and enjoying what I sowed in our new garden in just 3 months! but that is if you are like us who are grateful for everything and never looking for what there's not. For the truth is: a long spring time like temperature also means that many of our heat loving veggies seedlings refuse to take this abnormal climate situation.

just this veggie plot alone gives us enough food harvest for each day

Fellow village gardeners are all complaining that they won't have cucumbers and peppers this year for these plants remains sulking on the ground for some reason. I have the same problem but I'm not really bothered because we are very flexible...If one crop fails, there's always others that will do well. So, we will just enjoy and look forward to whatever our garden decides to give us instead!

this kind of weather has been with us for a while now....

We can't control the weather trending.... but with diversity....there's no fear to even consider. Contentment is one key to great happiness in life and we got plenty of that and so we receive double blessings all the time. Hope you do the same. Enjoy your blessings today.


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