Monday, 3 August 2020

Pruned lavender

Dear Family & Friends

The bees have finished their foraging with the lavender. It's time to clip the pathway hedges as they don't look good anymore....besides, pruning will keep them neat and tidy, with a possibility of having a second small flash of bloom later on.

We gathered boxes upon boxes of spent lavender blooms. They smells so good and we plan to extract it's oil...but first we have to scout for a distillator.

Growing and pruning lavender is well worthy part of our garden productivity. Comes autumn season I'll be collecting some stem cuttings to propagate more plants as we plan to make more lavender hedges elsewhere in our garden.

We can see time goes by as we see plants do their yearly cycle activity. We certainly enjoyed the show our lavender gave us this year. Happy gardening to you all too.


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  1. Hello Annie, I can smell all that lavender scent I'm sure. You have a great harvest xx


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