Monday 12 October 2020

Autumn air turns Kale leaves sweeter

 Dear Family & Friends,

Early morning air is getting colder these days, but still warm/hot during the day - always very pleasant. I take advantage of this and do as much as I could plant for autumn/winter garden crops. Little by little we dig our potatoes and in it's place I sow hundreds of carrots, onions, garlic and radishes. These can be protected from freezing winter because they are roots vegetables. 

For now, I gather a big handful of kale leaves to cook almost the night is cold, the leaves gets sweeter. No one is allowed to complain eating green leaves for the coming weeks/months since I grew so much of these! Nobody does for they absolutely taste delicious!

The season just goes so quick!!- autumn is here! Hope you are keeping healthy and safe too.



  1. The kale color looks beautiful, I always wonder what kind of dish is suitable from kale.

    1. Diana, I normally stir fry it ... can also put in soups, pasta...use it more or less like when you do your cabbage:) Greetings to your lovely family. Take care always.


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