Monday 7 September 2020

Farmer's market

Dear Family & Friends

Growing food in our garden is one of the things that brings a lot of pleasure to us. It takes a lot of energy to produce good food. Thus, it goes without saying that whenever I visit a farmer's market, it simply brings us the sense of appreciation that there are people who works so hard to provide good food for others.

As  a gardener myself, I tend and enjoy growing as much as I could of our own vegetables and fruits. We don't normally have a great need of buying these food from market or supermarkets. 

Of course we can't grow everything but as much as possible, we try to grow the vegetables and herbs to use daily for health benefit and it's freshness too. It only takes very little space for some of these plants.

With food prices going up every year, it's time that we try to grow some food in our own garden just to give us the sense of security that we can actually support ourselves even in our own little ways .

Spring is with us, and it's our perfect time to start growing and enjoy being out in the garden too. So I'll be in the garden working most of the days this week - that's the best work place there is for me. Hope you have a good week too.


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