Monday 7 September 2020

Fig jam Making is my weekly routine

Dear Family & Friends

Life is about making 'fig jam' these days - yes, I do have a boring schedules and chores. Nothing complicated or exciting. simply put 1 kilo of sugar and 2 kilos of figs into the pot and cook it for one+ hours till it reach a sticky consistency. (ideal jam ratio is 1:1 fruit to sugar, can be lesser fruit - but I desperately need to process all the figs we get from our garden - so it's more like a compote, the way I do it)

Then pour it into a jar while still hot (this seals the jar up). So my fig jam stash grows in number because in a few days... I repeat the same motion again! Is your life as boring as mine?

Hope you are all keeping happy no matter what the day brings in.


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