Tuesday 2 March 2021

Nature's best

Dear Family & Friends

When I see my garden well covered...I think about all the living things/creatures therein. Some of them will survive, others won't - but it's all part of nature. Everything God created is perfectly designed in most amazing way. 

Some plants will go into deep sleep to reserve their energy, others have the ability to produce more sugar to cope with the temperature. In fact, others needs the cold spell to challenge and trigger them. For example: the cold weather is what makes lavender produce flowers! 

As for the garden creatures...let's not clean and leave our soil exposed so they can have some places to crawl in and hide/hibernate. Don't worry if they're good or bad insects - for we need them all to balance nature's life cycle!

It's another bright new day once again...Life is good - Make the most out of it! 


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