Thursday, 25 February 2021

The variation of honey


Dear Family & Friends

Honey varies in color and taste depending on what and where the honey bees forage their nectar from. In this photo, are two kinds of honey. The left one (reddish brown) is from our bee mentor/doctor friend who lives 10-15 minutes drive away from us. His area is full of linden trees where bees collect nectar from. 

Our honey is one on right with bright yellow orange color. Our bees collect nectar from nearby sunflower fields and our garden is full of orange color flowers too. Sometimes, bee experts says our honey got lavender and herbal scent to it too! That's what makes honey an amazing super food! 

I'm constantly amazed with these creatures that I always finds them a joy as my garden companion too. Look around you when you're outside...if you see a bee - you know they are a friend. Hope you enjoy your day and enjoy being outside under the sky too. Stay happy.


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