Friday 23 April 2021

Fruit trees are blooming once again

Dear Family & Friends

It's fascinating to see fruit trees waking up. One after another they form buds on their branches and out comes the floral blooms.

Since we have several fruit tree varieties in the garden, we see how they follow each other in waking up. The very first one that blooms out is the almond nut tree, and of course the first one to green up too!

Tree blossoms attract a lot of bees that if we stand underneath a tree, it seems to vibrate with a deafening sound - I find it all very interesting and one very pleasant noise. 

In just a couple of weeks, flower petals starts dropping, sending a lot of confetti. Another joyful time that one should be out in the garden to enjoy it all.

We can't deny that time is visually showing us how it seem to go quicker as we grow older. Thus, it is important to be reminded how previous time is and can't waste it on foolish matters. Just my thoughts.

Wishing all good things today.


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